Parts support for your legacy EMS/BAS controls

We understand how important it is for facility managers to maintain optimal operational budgets during this trying time. Expecially when it comes to expensive upgrades for your building automation systems. Whether you’re a school, hospital, hotel manager, or other type of facility, we’ve got you covered. Asset Technologies develops controls repair support for aging EMS/BAS modules. Contact us today to find out more!

End of Life Product Support

We provide continued parts support for EOL (end-of-life) building automation controls. Through our product repair program, our customers increase the life-cycle of their BAS equipment well beyond the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) EOL date. This saves customers thousands of dollars in potential upgrade spending and provides a safety net for their maintenance operation.

Control Module Repair

BAS control board repair service. All controllers are fully reconditioned, tested, and ship with a full year warranty. Quality control. Warranty guarantee.

Replacement Sensors

Replacement sensors for temperature, pressure, refrigeration and lighting. EOL (end-of-life) system compatible, direct shipping nationwide.


Our warehouse & exchange program allows you to stock ready-to-ship controls reserved exclusively for your maintenance operation. This is effective for multi-site customers who need to minimize system downtime.

Program Benefits

Cost Savings vs. New

On average, refurbishing controls cost 50% or less than the cost of new upgrades. This can can significantly reduce expenses for your facility budget or maintenance operation.

Equipment Life-Cycle

Refurbishing controls can extend the life-cycle of your equipment by 10 years or more! This allows you continued use of your system without the headache of a brand new install.

Quality Assurance

Our trained lab technicians restore each board back to new part specifications. We use UL approved components and each item is final tested before shipping back to you.

Full Warranty

All refurbished items are covered by a full 1 year warranty from date of shipment, guaranteed free from defects.

Legacy EMS/BAS Controls

Our business is restoring legacy control modules and supporting customers with legacy systems. This includes control module repair, replacement sensors, parts warehousing, and asset recovery.

Logic One – Opus

N2 – Metasys

CPC – E1


GR EMS Devices

Network 8000