Multi-Site Support

Multi-Site Support

Multi-site maintenance operations need to save on costs while continuing to keep their facilities running smoothly for customers. And having parts support for your EMS/BAS is essential. When control modules are discontinued by an OEM, the resulting upgrades can be a major expenditure. That’s where we come in. As parts are discontinued, we step-in to continue supporting those parts.

Multi-Site Support

Program Benefits

Cost Savings vs Upgrades

On average, refurbishing controls cost 50% or less than the cost of new upgrades. This can can significantly reduce expenses for your facility budget or maintenance operation.

Equipment Life-Cycle

Refurbishing controls can extend the life-cycle of your equipment by 10 years or more! This allows you continued use of your system without the headache of a brand new install.

Sustainable Parts Inventory

Build stock of legacy controls, ready-to-ship for your operation. Working items are shipped out, and defective items returned for reconditioning to replenish your inventory.

Facility Uptime

With a finished goods inventory you can have ready-units available for your multi-site operation. This means less down-time for your sites when a field controller fails.