Below are answers to frequently asked questions. Should you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us and we’ll get the answer to you promptly.

Should I repair or replace my building automation controls?

If you have an aging building automation system, you may be concerned about fact that one day, you’ll no longer be able to obtain parts support due to product discontinuation. Many customers don’t realize there is an option to continue supporting products for years after they’ve been discontinued. This not only extends the life of your controls system, but it also saves the time and money needed for future upgrades. 

Do you support parts for my building controls system?

We support a wide range of legacy building and energy management products. Below are links to system brands we currently have capabilities to support. If you don’t see your products or system, let us know and we’ll look into a potential solution for you.

You don’t support my system. Can you develop support for the parts I need?

Yes! Asset Technologies is always looking to expand our capabilities to include additional manufacturer products. When a need is discovered, we begin by asking you several questions about your current controls. This includes how many sites you have, what controllers are installed, current rate of failure, and how the hardware is currently being supported. We also consider factors such as software and component viability. Once all of the data is collected, we review the qualifying factors to determine the priority. Once development begins, Asset Technologies strives to have a completed solution within 2-3 months. 

What does it cost to repair a controller?

We do not charge time & material on repairs. Instead, all control module repairs have an individually set price. These prices can be up to 50% or less the cost of new products. Every controller goes through the same level of care, time, diagnostics, and expertise and all controls are shipped with a 1-year warranty. If you have a question about pricing, contact Asset Technologies directly for a quote.

Is there a warranty on the repaired controller?

Yes! Asset Technologies proudly offers a 1-year warranty on all repaired controllers. Your warranty begins the moment your controller is shipped from our facility. This means your repaired controller is guaranteed within that timeframe as long as it does not exceed warranty conditions defined in our Terms and Conditions

Can I buy sensors from you?

Yes! We sell new sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, gas, and lighting. Whether the replacement sensor is an in-stock item or requires a direct from manufacturer build, we will help you procure the correct replacement. 

How long does it take to repair my controller?

Several distinct factors can affect the repair time of a controller including size of the order, urgency and complexity of repair. Our repair process includes a thorough evaluation and testing of each controller. Our technicians work diligently to repair and process your controller as quickly as possible. You can inquire about estimated turnaround time for your controllers while placing your repair order.  

Can I get a replacement controller while mine is being fixed?

Yes! Asset Technologies offers a Revolving Exhange Program to significantly reduce downtime for customers. Basically, we can keep a working unit for you on shelf ready-to-go. The moment a device fails in the field, our team can expedite a replacement controller to you same day. As part of the planning process, we recommend salvaging or purchasing additional controllers to use as initial inventory stock. 

What’s the process for repairing my controllers?

Repairs are initiated by calling our customer service department at 502-425-8702 or by emailing orders@assettechnologies.us. Upon submitting your order, you ship your controllers to Asset Technologies. Once your controller is received by us, the controller is then assigned to a technician. The technician does a thorough evaluation and testing process in addition to complete preventive maintenance that extends the life of your controller. Once complete, the controller is returned to you with a 1-year warranty from date of shipment. 

I received my controller back from you, but it doesn’t work. What do I do?

Asset Technologies final tests all controllers before shipping. If it doesn’t pass, it doesn’t ship. As such, we highly recommend you or a trained professional troubleshoot your system to make sure it isn’t a field issue, programming issue, or other issue. If the issue cannot be identified in the field, you can send it back to us for warranty evaluation. Once received, we will review the serial number history associated with that controller and confirm the timeframe of repair is within one-year. Once eligibility has been verified, our quality control team will proceed with a warranty evaluation. Whatever the findings, we work with the customer to determine the next steps.