Chain Store / Supermarket

Solutions for multi-site operations

Our retail customers come to us when a building controls manufacturer discontinues various products they need. This planned obsolescence forces them to upgrade their systems. Our solutions balance this by providing continued support on legacy products for customers as long as they need. In doing so, we’ve become an essential partner to some of the largest retail operations in the nation.

Contractors / Service Providers

Continued parts support for your customers

Contractors across the country face a wide variety of customer issues on a daily basis. One of the biggest issues that many come across is not being able to maintain their customers current Building Automation System. This creates stress on both ends due to the difficulty of sourcing and installing a brand new system and, the enormous cost of the system and the installation. Asset Technologies has proven to aid contractors’ customer satisfaction and customer return rates by providing them with the lightening fast turnaround they need and increasing the contracting companies profits.

Schools / Universities

Keep classrooms & campuses running

We know that school facility administrators are forced to operate under a tight budget and must make the most out of every dollar allocated for the fiscal year. When setting a budget for extracurricular activities, classroom supplies, or building maintenance, it is very difficult to plan for emergencies, which often put you over budget and create unnecessary downtime. This is where Asset Technologies steps in to protect you valuable building automation assets by repairing rather than replacing them, which gives you peace of mind and saves you money.

Hospitals / Healthcare

Maintain solid operational budget for controls

Healthcare facilities operate under strict budgets and must maintain their buildings to the highest standards. If a building controller goes down and is no longer operational, it can have a significant impact on the comfort level for both patients and staff. Many healthcare facilities managers come to Asset Technologies to reduce costs and downtime, while increasing comfort for occupants.

Hotel / Hospitality

GR EMS Device legacy product repair

Downed guest rooms can be a headache for hotel facility managers. Don’t let faulty devices hold you back from keeping your guests comfortable during their stay. We repair legacy INNCOM GR EMS devices and thermostats.