Repair Solutions

We’ve developed repair solutions for hundreds of EMS/BAS controls products including control modules, executive controllers, field devices, and more. All boards are fully reconditioned and are covered by our 1-year warranty guarantee.

Control Module Repair & Exchange Programs

Full Testing & Diagnostics

1 Year Warranty

Asset Recover & Purchase Options

Continued Product Lifecycle

We support products for an additional 5-10 years (or more) past their original obsolescence date so that customers, contractors, and OEM’s can continue using existing equipment.

Recently Added Capabilities

Emerson CPC Multiflex ESR
Novar LSE
Eaton Cutler Hammer Rib Kit Rails
Danfoss AK2XM205B and EKC202D2
Novar XIO80 and XCMLCD
Novar RCC.1081

Continued Support for Brand Products

We support hundreds of EMS/BAS controls products. Our program offers repair support for out-of-warranty controllers & control modules. You can send in single or multiple controllers at a time, or setup a Revolving Exchange Program for faster lead-time on parts specifically for your operation!

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Request a repair solution for a product line or system brand that you use.

Let us know your needs! We’ve developed repair solutions for hundreds of brands of EMS/BAS controls products.