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Continued Support for Aging EMS/BAS Controls

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Barber Colman Network 8000 Controllers

HVAC, Refrigeration

The Barber Colman Network 8000 controllers are used for HVAC, refrigeration, and other energy savings functions inside schools, hospitals, and other commercial facilities. Asset Technologies provides repair and inventory support for these controllers.

Repair vs. Replace

Cost Savings vs. New

On average, refurbishing controls cost 50% or less than the cost of new upgrades. This can can significantly reduce expenses for your facility budget or maintenance operation.

Equipment Life-Cycle

Refurbishing controls can extend the life-cycle of your equipment by 10 years or more! This allows you continued use of your system without the headache of a brand new install.

Quality Assurance

Our trained lab technicians restore each board back to new part specifications. We use UL approved components and each item is final tested before shipping back to you.

Full Warranty

All refurbished items are covered by a full 1 year warranty from date of shipment, guaranteed free from defects.

Schools, Hospitals, and More

Solutions for maintenance operations

Our customers come to us when a building controls manufacturer discontinues various products they need. This planned obsolescence forces them to upgrade their systems. Our solutions balance this by providing continued support on legacy products for customers as long as they need. In doing so, we’ve become an essential partner to some of the largest maintenance operations in the nation.