Longer EMS/BAS lifecycles for stores

Continued support for legacy EMS/BAS products

Repair, exchange, and inventory programs for long-term support.

50% less than new parts & equipment upgrades

Sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, gas, and lighting

We’ve saved corporations millions.

Upgrades are expensive. We help chain stores save on costs by supporting legacy EMS/BAS products for their existing systems. Our program reduces upgrade spending and extends the life of equipment by over 10 years.

  • Over 50% cost-savings vs new upgrades
  • 10+ years of parts & inventory support
  • Increased ROI on existing capital assets
  • Extended equipment upgrade timelines

“A very personable company with a strong desire to help you achieve our goals in getting your controls repaired and to keep them in top condition.” – Art Arnold, Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Legacy support for brands such as…

Key Benefits

Reduced spending on EMS/BAS replacements.

Upgrades cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why spend the money when you can spend 50% less and get continued parts support for your existing building controls system?

We work with your existing EMS/BAS team.

We work with your existing OEMs and on-site service providers to continue supporting legacy parts.

Extended EMS/BAS upgrade timelines.

We support products for more than 10 years beyond their obsolescence date. Use this added time and resources towards a more manageable upgrade timeline.

Full year warranty on all control modules.

We have strict quality control processes to ensure all reconditioned products meet industry standards. This includes full bench testing of products before they ship.