Revolving Exchange

Revolving Exchange Program

You can extend the lifecycle of your building controls for many years by creating a revolving stock of parts. Working items are shipped out, and defective items returned for reconditioning to restock your inventory.

How it works.


We stock parts for you.

We hold stock of reconditioned inventory units reserved exclusively for your operation.


Units are advanced as needed.

When a device fails in the field, we ship you a replacement unit same day.


Return cores back for restock.

Return the defective field device to be repaired and replenish your stock.

Program Benefits

Lower Downtime

We keep ready-to-ship parts exclusive for your operation. So when a field device fails, we can ship a replacement same day.

Cost effective

Using revolving stock can lower spending on new units by over 50%.


By continuing to maintain a stock of legacy controls, you can extend the lifecycle of existing equipment by over 10 years.


We support some of the largest corporations in the world with our revolving exhange program. We can create custom inventory solutions for any size operation.

Revolving Exchange