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Novar LSE
Novar XIO80 and XCMLCD
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Novar Logic One & Opus Repair Center

We provide continued parts support for end-of-life Novar building systems, including Logic One and Opus controllers. See the full list of Novar control modules we currently support as well as the list of supported Novar parts and sensors.

We provide continued parts support for EOL (end-of-life) building automation controls. Through our product repair program, our customers increase the life-cycle of their BAS equipment well beyond the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) EOL date. This saves customers thousands of dollars in potential upgrade spending and provides a safety net for their maintenance operation.

Novar Logic One Controllers

The Novar Logic One is a legacy product line that controls various parts of HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, and energy management for multi-site building automation systems.

EP/2, ETM, IOM/2, Lingo, Savvy, UCM

Novar Opus Controllers

The Novar Opus product line is used in controlling HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, and energy management functions of a multi-site building automation systems.


Control Module Repair

BAS control board repair service. All controllers are fully reconditioned, tested, and ship with a full year warranty. Quality control. Warranty guarantee.

Replacement Sensors

Replacement sensors for temperature, pressure, refrigeration and lighting. EOL (end-of-life) system compatible, direct shipping nationwide.


Our warehouse & exchange program allows you to stock ready-to-ship controls reserved exclusively for your maintenance operation. This is effective for multi-site customers who need to minimize system downtime.

Chain Store / Supermarket

Solutions for multi-site operations

Our retail customers come to us when a building controls manufacturer discontinues various products they need. This planned obsolescence forces them to upgrade their systems. Our solutions balance this by providing continued support on legacy products for customers as long as they need. In doing so, we’ve become an essential partner to some of the largest retail operations in the nation.