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Support for Aging EMS/BAS Controls

Better budget and upgrade planning for school facilities.

Parts Support for Aging EMS/BAS Controls

Repair & Exchange Programs for Defective Controllers

New Replacement Sensors

Buyback & Recycle Options

“Tremendous amounts saved.” -Williamson County Schools

Why use our program?

Less expensive than upgrades and new replacements.

Upgrades cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why spend the money when you can spend 50% less and continue getting parts support for your existing building controls system?

We work with your current service providers and manufacturers.

Our support for legacy products does not replace any existing field service or manufacturers support, and only focuses on the parts and products that have been are soon-to-be discontinued.

Better upgrade planning.

We support products well over 10 years beyond their obsolescence date. Use the time and money saved to plan for the future. Or allocate those funds to other much needed areas of your operation.

All parts are fully warrantied and tested.

We impose strict process and quality control to ensure all refurbished products meet industry standards. We are also an approved repair facility for certain products.

Featured Systems We Support

Logic One, Opus

N2 , Metasys



GR EMS Devices

Network 8000

Lennox Prodigy

Don’t see your brand or system here? Let us develop a solution for you.

10+ Years of Continued Parts Support

Testing and Warranty for All Supported Products

Inventory and Exchange Program Options

Sensor Supply Options

Schools & Universities