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Service Contractors

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Support your customers legacy EMS/BAS

We support legacy EMS/BAS parts. This includes discontinued, hard-to-find controls that have been obsolete by the manufacturer. Not only do we support these, we offer a full year warranty on all reconditioned control modules. If you have customers with legacy systems, contact us directly.

Legacy EMS/BAS Controls

Our business is restoring legacy control modules and supporting customers with legacy systems. This includes control module repair, replacement sensors, parts warehousing, and asset recovery.

Logic One – Opus

N2 – Metasys

CPC – E1


GR EMS Devices

Network 8000

End of Life Product Support

We provide continued parts support for EOL (end-of-life) building automation controls. Through our product repair program, our customers increase the life-cycle of their BAS equipment well beyond the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) EOL date. This saves customers thousands of dollars in potential upgrade spending and provides a safety net for their maintenance operation.

Control Module Repair

BAS control board repair service. All controllers are fully reconditioned, tested, and ship with a full year warranty. Quality control. Warranty guarantee.

Replacement Sensors

Replacement sensors for temperature, pressure, refrigeration and lighting. EOL (end-of-life) system compatible, direct shipping nationwide.


Our warehouse & exchange program allows you to stock ready-to-ship controls reserved exclusively for your maintenance operation. This is effective for multi-site customers who need to minimize system downtime.