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EOL Products

When a system reaches EOL (end-of-life) by the OEM (original equipment manufacturer), we step-in to continue supporting those products. We are not limited by manufacturer brand or product type. Our solutions have been applied to different types of electronic facility hardware, including building automation controls (BAS) and other devices.


Our solutions based exclusively on customer and industry demand, install base, and overall market share of the products in question. If a product line is in high demand and there is a substantial install-base for the parts in the field, then we perform research and development (R&D) to see if a repair solution would be a fit.

Research & Development

For the EOL (end-of-life) products we support, we develop full testing and repair capabilities. We try to match OEM standards as much as possible to ensure a quality and defect-free product repair support. This includes complete test stations, program software and sources for replacement components.

Continued Support

Once a repair solution is developed, we can begin supporting and repairing those products for customers. Duration of support is indefinite, and customers often benefit from 10+ years of added equipment life-cycle to their products. One way to sustain this support is through our warehousing and exchange program (also called a revolving inventory program).