EMS/BAS Control Products

Warehouse & Exchange Program

Our warehouse & exchange program allows you to stock ready-to-ship controls reserved exclusively for your maintenance operation. This is effective for multi-site customers who need to minimize system downtime.

Continued Support for Brand Products

Logic One, Opus

N2 , Metasys



GR EMS Devices

Network 8000

Lennox Prodigy


Revolving Inventory

EOL Product Availability

A revolving inventory ensures indefinite availablility for EOL (end-of-life) parts your maintenance operation. All controllers are reconditioned and reserved exclusively for you and your field technicians to order as needed.

System Uptime

With a finished goods inventory (FG) you can enjoy same-day shipping for much needed parts. This means less downtime for facilities and increased satisfaction for customers and occupants.


You can extend the life-cycle of your building controls by reusing and refurbishing defective control modules. Working items are shipped out, and defective items returned for reconditioning to restock your inventory. This has environmental benefits and can sustain your BAS operation for many years.

Cost Effective

Reconditioning parts are 50% less than purchasing new. This can significantly reduce budget expenses over time, allowing for more effective upgrade planning and longevity of your existing building equipment assets.